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Maribel icon Shmup Achievement History
Complete documentation of me as a shmup player.
Spell Card icon Score Percentage Calculator
Allows you to calculate how your Touhou game scores compare to the world records.
1up Item icon Survival Progress Table Generator
Tool that lets you generate a table that summarises your Touhou survival progress.
Power icon Dodging Rain Competition
Webpage intended for use by the Dodging Rain Competition (see page for explanation).
UFO icon Touhou Patches and Tools
A collection of helpful patches and tools for the Touhou shooting games, many of which for efficient practicing.
Bomb icon Touhou Community Jargon
List of terminology used by the Touhou community, including but not limited to common acronyms for Spell Cards.
Full Power icon Touhou Lunatic No Miss No Bombs
Players who have done Lunatic No Miss No Bomb (LNN) runs of the Touhou shooting games are listed here.
Point Item icon Touhou World Records
The world records for all Touhou shooting games except for the scene games.
Banshiryuu icon Seihou Banshiryuu C67
Explanation of scoring in Banshiryuu C67, the earlier version of the third Seihou game and one of my favourite shmups (unfinished).
Tou kanji icon THWiki Popularity Poll 2018 Full Results Translation
Complete English translation of the full results of the THWiki Popularity Poll held in 2018.

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