Dodging Rain Competition

The Dodging Rain Competition (DRC) is a Touhou game competition that was invented by ZM and is held on Eientei Forums. In the competition, two teams go up against each other in several different categories. Each player posts an arbitrarily long list of categories, ordered by how much they want to play them, which can be either survival or scoring of any Touhou shooting game and any difficulty. They will be matched up against a player from the other team, in a category that both players had on their list. The categories are determined by whoever hosts the competition, the host taking the players' orders of priority into account when making the matchups. The teams are decided by the host as well. Players are given two weeks to sign up for the competition, and once it starts, two weeks to submit a replay, which will be awarded points dependent on the rubrics. Runs done outside those two weeks are invalid.

If you want to know how many DRC points a run is worth, the points for a given run can be determined using the calculator below.

Points Calculator

Scores can only contain digits, commas, dots and spaces. Survival runs are assumed to have cleared, scoring runs not.


The rubrics are the formulas and fixed values used to calculate the number of DRC points for a run. If you are curious about how your points are being determined, click the button below to expand.

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